2015 - 2016 Events

June Event Summary

The State of Women in the Economy

We ended the season with an academic discussion with practical input from the Commonwealth about "The State of Women in the Economy".

Our panel discussed statistics about status of women in the economy, where women in finance are, and research addressing workplace gender equity issues and proposed solutions.

Thank you to our panelists Rachel Madden, Undersecretary for Executive Office of Administration & Finance, Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Alison Kelly, PhD, Professor, Department of Economics Suffolk University. 

May Event Summary

Corporate Governance Post Financial Crisis


The importance of corporate governance was one of the lessons from the financial crisis. This panel discussed the corporate governance shortcomings and resulting challenges from the financial crisis:

• Can higher standards of corporate governance be enforced by laws and rules?

• Are you of the opinion that banks and financial firms helped with the meltdown?

• We shared how to best support the implementation of effective corporate governance standards.

Thank you to our speakers Judy Quenzel, VP with Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and William C. Johnson, PhD, Sawyer Business School - Suffolk University, and to our moderator Donna Walsh, Financial Advisor, Highland Financial Group.

April Event Summary

Planning Your Next Career Move - Career Day

Our panel discussed career paths, the decisions surrounding career changes, and how one can strategize on career advancement. Our speakers included:

Kristina Chung, Director of Customer Support, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA)

Lisa Taylor, Sr. Director of Financial Operations and Services, PCG Public Partnership, LLC (PPL)

Sandra E. Borders, MSM, PHR Director, Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Teresa DiMagno, Executive Director of Career Development Center, Suffolk University.

Kerri Casarano, Market Manager, K Force Finance and Accounting Staffing (Moderator).

March Event Summary

Networking and Pairing: Women and Whiskey!!  

Boston Women in Finance and Women Who Whiskey offered a great networking opportunity and a World Whiskey Tasting event. We learned about varieties of whiskeys and cocktail culture. 

The class was presented by spirits and cocktail expert Brandy Rand. Brandy has over 15 years marketing and communications experience in the beverage alcohol industry. She most recently served as the Chief Marketing Officer of Richer Pour Wine Company, a purveyor of fine tap wine. In 2013, she co-founded Thirst Boston, a festival celebrating drink culture.

February Event Summary

A Day in the Life of a Board Executive: Legal Responsibilities and Fiduciary Duties

Are you currently serving as a board member or thinking about it? It may be a public company, non-profit or other organization. Our panel presented the different types and structures of boards, and the responsibilities and fiduciary duties of a board member. 

Thank you to our speakers: Megan N. Gates, Member, Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky and Popeo PC; Jim Grace, Executive Director, Arts & Business Council; Nadia Prescott, Executive Coach and Nonprofit Consultant, Emerging Executive; and Mary Ellen DeWinter, Management Consultant, Distinct Solutions Group (Moderator).

December Event Summary

Work-Life Balancing Act: What is Your Definition?

Very few professionals have found an acceptable definition of “work-life balance.” It is all about staying productive, efficient, and at the same time in good spirit!

We heard how our colleagues have juggled professional / personal life situations.

Thank you to our discussion facilitators, Jodi Ecker Detjen, Orange Grove Consulting and Beverly Flaxington, Suffolk University - Sawyer Business School, and to our moderator, Susan J. McCarthy, CPA, MST, CSEP.

November Event Summary

Financial Planning: Be Your Own CFP

Do you have a financial plan? We discussed how to take or keep control of your personal financing, whether short term or long term financial goals. 

Some of the questions the panelists covered included: What's going on with the stock market? How much of my 401(k) should be invested in the stock market? How will rising interest rates impact my portfolio?

Thank you to our expert panel: Andi McNamara, Certified Financial Planner™ Wealth Advisor, Great Point Wealth Advisors; Donna Walsh, Financial Advisor, Highland Financial Group; and Shannon McNamara, Campion & Company.

October Event Summary

3D Leadership: Delegation, Decision Making and Discussion

Our October program was an interactive discussion on the 3 leadership skills that challenge executives the most - Delegation, Decision-Making and Discussion.

Led by Kit Williams, Founder and President, Compass Global Coaching Consortium (and BWF member!), this 3-part discussion featured roundtable discussions with your peers on how we all overcome these challenges to further our leadership.


September Event Summary

Million Dollar Words: Salary / Equal Pay Negotiations

We learned strategies, tactics and tools to negotiate salaries from Katie Donovan, a salary and career negotiation consultant. As professionals we all have different career goals. Salary negotiation is however a common challenge – Equal pay is also a hot topic! We learned the expectations, preparation, and the language of pay and benefits negotiation.

Thank you to our speaker, Katie Donovan. Katie is a salary and career negotiation consultant, equal pay consultant, and keynote speaker. Her company, Equal Pay Negotiations LLC, is dedicated to achieving equal pay by consulting for all the stakeholders: female employees, employers, and policy makers. 


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