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May Event Summary

Networking for Results


Successful networking is not just collecting business cards or adding LinkedIn names.  Rather, our panel explained the benefits of making reciprocal, on-going connections.                                                

Don't get in touch only when you need something, but reach out with newsworthy events,  congratulations and/or other ideas of interest. 


Special thanks Joyce Bell, CFO, Nexage; Victoria Nessen Kohlasch, Founder and President, NK&A; and Roberta Zysman, CEO, Dedham Medical Associates.

April Event Summary

Getting to Yes: Negotiations and Collaboration

The ability to persuade, negotiate and collaborate is important for professional success regardless of industry or role.  How to get there? Have an understanding of the culture, know the context and be careful with communications. 

So said our expert panel including Hon. Elizabeth Butler (ret.), JAMS mediator; Gayle Cameron, Massachusetts Gaming Commissioner and Nancy Stager, EVP, Human Resources and Charitable Giving, Eastern Bank.  

March Event Summary

Inside Analytics 

The Mean, the Median and the Motive The language of analytics is very appealing to our-fact based culture, yet some metrics are simply not to be counted on.  Speaker Katie Manty, Director Online Marketing & Analytics, Fidelity, reminded the audience to question the motive, the sample size, the population set and the visual representation, be it a chart or infographic, when presented with data.

February Event Summary

Habits of Success

Panelists Jackie Barry Hamilton; Intronis; Jennifer Gridley, athenaHealth; and Donna LaVoie, Lavoie HealthScience Communications were phenomenal.

Their lessons for success: Think progress not perfection; hire people smarter than you; always say yes to new opportunities; and be resilient - there are always bumps in the road. 

January Event Summary

Curating Digital Files

Lessons from a Librarian, Architect Boston Women in Finance January 2013 Speakersand Website Designer  We learned: Keeping information too long is not useful; KISS taxonomy methods are the most likely to be utilized therefore consider a tagging system understandable by all; and remember that technology does not last forever - files degrade and new hardware can make old formats irretrievable. 


November Event Summary

Boom, Bust and Back


Navigating the Business Cycles

Speaker Kathy Taylor shared her story of working for a sizzling hot Internet company that followed the boom-bust trajectory of the dot.com era.  Currently with NetScout Systems, Cathy noted that while the "star brilliant" leader model can succeed, research shows that "steady state" management has a better track record.  


October Event Summary

The ABCs of Healthcare Reform

The ABCs of Healthcare Reform with Rob DiMase, EVP, Sentinel Benefits and Financial Group. 


Rob explained the premise of the Affordable Care Act (aka: Obamacare), including a goal of healthcare for all, regardless of employer and/or pre-existing conditions, through a combination of carrots and sticks.                



September Event Summary

The Business of Sports

Special thanks to Jennifer Flynn, Boston Red SVP, Asst General Counsel and Fenway Sports Management SVP, General Counsel; Kristen Kuliga, Principal, K Sports & Entertainment; and Leah Leahy, VP Premium Sales & Service Boston Bruins/Celtics.  These championship speakers kept our crowd engaged with an explanation of how expanding your customers' options also enhances your own opportunities.  And that even glam jobs can have their dull days.          


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