Partner with Boston Women in Finance

Boston Women in Finance offers leadership development and deep connections for both our current and future workforces.

We offer a blend of public monthly thought leadership programs, private members-only events and online resources, direct connections and opportunities to build personal brands, find new career paths, and more.

Boston Women in Finance also offers an annual scholarship program, designed to guide our future leaders through their early stages of their career development.

Becoming a partner with Boston Women in Finance will help you:

  • Connect with decision makers and influencers across the region
  • Reach your target audience and build brand recognition within multiple industries
  • Build meaningful long-term relationships with professionals at all levels

If interested in partnering with Boston Women in Finance, we invite you to check out our sponsorship brochure here, or contact us at                                                                                                            PO Box 52281   Boston, MA 02205
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