2012 - 2013 Events

June Event Summary

eMakeover: Headshots, Profiles and More 

eMakeover: Optimizing your On-Line Profile With panelists Tiffany Appleton, Strategic Talent; Jodi-Tatiana Charles, La Caposie Galerie; and Amber Greviskes, Qnary, Inc. Attendees learned how to update their LinkedIn profile, add useful content to their on-line accounts and highlight the accomplishments of their real-life activities. Not to mention the opportunity to update their headshot.  


May Event Summary

Habits of Highly Successful Executives 

Good to Great - Habits of Highly Successful Financial Executives: What does it take to be a successful financial executive? Our panel of executives reminded the audience to take chances and learn as much as you can not only about your role, but also the context within which you operate.  Elise Caffrey, VP, iRobot; Sandra Clarke, CFO, The Americas, Phillips Healthcare; Audrey Daum, Director, Oppenheimer & Co.; and Doreen Heath, SVP, First Trade Union Bank.  


April Event Summary

Digital Media: A Decade of Innovation 

Media Innovation: We've come a long way in ten years - from embargoing press releases to live-blogging events. Karen Reynolds, Regional Manager, Business Wire has been on the front-lines throughout. Karen revealed the new rules for delivering and evaluating information including a focus on first-hand content and an awareness of multiple channels.  


March Event Summary

A Lesson in Civics 


Practical Politics: A Lesson in Civics

Our three panelists, Eileen Glovsky, MA Gaming Commission; Alice Moore, General Counsel MA State Senate; and Julie Petrick, EMILY's List were phenomenal.   We learned insights into the give-and-take of politics, the demands and rewards of public life and the commitment of these talented speakers.

January Event Summary

Managing Up 

Can Being a Better Employee Make you a Better Manager?

The single biggest source of friction in the workplace is micromanaging. How to manage the micromanager? Understand that s/he has a boss who is applying similar pressure.  


Speakers Anne Richardson, Practice Engagement Leader, Stackpole & Partners and Brenda Duane, HR Professional.


October Event Summary

The Business of Technology

Technology isn’t just deciding which cellphone to buy. Rather, it is the practical application of using tools to accomplish goals – be they selling products, hiring staff, managing projects or sharing information. But with new tools being developed daily, how do you design a discipline to evaluate which tools to adopt and which to ignore? Our panel discussed how technology is developed, sold, evaluated and absorbed.

Panelists: Elaine Cidzik, Adjunct Faculty, Salem State College; Rimi Chakraborty, Vice President, T3 Advisors, Corporate Realty Advisors; and Katie Keita, Director, Investor Relations, EMC Corporation.he ABCs of Healthcare Reform

September Event Summary

Unconventional Marketing with Joann Noble, EVP First Trade Union Bank

This luncheon presentation featured Joann Noble, Executive Vice President, First Trade Union Bank (Boston, MA). Joann has more than 20 years' financial services experience and a proven track record designing and implementing strategies for growth. She shared first-hand the strategies for success she has deployed throughout her career.

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